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New Design HVAC PureUV Air Cleaner Dual Yup357 with Plasma Generator in-Duct Whole Home HVAC Negative Ion Air Purifier

Just insert Bulb, easy installation,Can DIY
Can make customer's label or logo, printing customer's brief
Small qty acceptable ,Factory direct export to customer's hand
  • YP-S-D1


  • 85394900

 New Design HVAC PureUV Air Cleaner Dual Yup357 with Plasma Generator in-Duct Whole Home HVAC Negative Ion Air Purifier

Model no. YP-S-D1 Plasma Generator UVC Sterilizer

1 .Certificate: CE EPA
2.Voltage: 110v/220v
3.Ballast: over 30000hours lifetime
4.Life time of the bulb:9000hours
5.Output: 18w/21W/24W/28W/36W/60W/80W
6.Box material: metal with painting
7.Color of the box: white or Black
8.Length of bulb: 203mm/212mm/287mm/357mm/406mm/436mm/620mm/843mm
9.Package(carton) size : 43*48* 23 cm

10.Type germicidal: emit UVC light 254nm
11.Package details: 1 units in one small box, and 10 boxes in one carton.
12.Gross weight: 18kgs( including bulbs ) for one carton (1 Ounits).

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Warnings & Safety Instructions

Read these instructions carefully and completely before proceeding with the installation.

WARNING: Disconnect during the installation. It is intended for professional use in Ultraviolet or Germicidal Systems only. Exposure to Ultraviolet light can result in serious damage including painful eye and skin irritations. Never look directly at the working lamp. Follow all recommended health and safety precautions and to avoid direct exposure of the body to the UV light.

WARNING: For indoor use only. This UV air purifier is for indoor installation only. Indoor means inside the home or building.

WARNING: Do not mount under a humidifier. Water droplets could cause electrical shorts.

Installation Instructions

#1. Choose Where To Install The UV Light
Since everyone’s home HVAC system is different, we advise you to seek professional help from an HVAC technician to install the UV light system.
Usually the UV light systems are installed to combat mold and microbial growth in the HVAC system. For that purpose, this system is often installed either downstream from an “A” coil in the supply air plenum or upstream from the air filter in the return air plenum. Do not mount near a return registered grill. Mount at least 20 inches away from the air filter.

To use the system for whole house air purification and disinfection, the UV lights may be installed in a place of abundant air flow in the HVAC system.

#2. Drill The Hole(s) For The UV Light
Refer to the attached template to cut the holes in the HVAC walls. If it is a single bulb cut a 2.8” hole, if it is a dual bulb cut two 2.6” holes with 1” space in between.

#3. Place the UV light bulbs into the base
Use the included vinyl gloves when handling the UV light bulbs. Only hold the light bulb by the ceramic base. Touching the glass with bare hands will significantly shorten the life of the bulb. Slide the ceramic base into the socket until the bulb securely clicks in place.

#4. Screw The Germicidal UV Light
Secure the UV light base with the included screws.

#5. Power The A/C UV Light System
After the UV light is secured, plug the UV light into a regular 120-volt outlet.

#6. Change & Clean The UV Light Bulb
After it is installed, the only real maintenance is to change the bulb annually and clean the light bulbs seasonally.



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